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Reflective Silver Aqua
AL 804Q-MR
Reflective Rose Aqua
AL 204Q-MR
Reflective Steel Lava
Reflective Silver Lava
Reflective Rose Lava
Reflective Rose
AL 204B-MR
Reflective Gold
AL 405B-MR
Reflective Silver
AL 804B-MR
Reflective Steel
AL 805B-MR


Taking Shape

Discover how shapes, embellished with genuine metal laminates from the FLUX 3 portfolio, enliven a space by imbuing a feeling of free-flowing energy or evoking a sense of striking structure.
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Lavish. Understated. Practical

Read more as we showcase how our genuine metal laminates can be used to realise this trio of definitive styles for spaces.
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4 Focal Points

Every place needs points of focus, highlights, or features that our eyes will instantly fixate on. Find out how you can achieve this with FLUX 3 genuine metal laminates.
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Aqua - Flowy and Sensuous

Akin to the fluidity of a serene and swirling river, check out how the Aqua range from the Structures series accentuate surfaces.
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Lava - Potently Energetic

The way molten lava moves is an awesome sight! The Lava range of laminates from the Structures series captures this dynamic and gorgeous work of nature with its exceptionally picturesque finish.
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Reflective - Marvel at Reflections

Create captivating interiors with the Reflective series. With its mirror-like effect, these metal laminates create contrast and eye-catching shine.
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