Lava – Potently Energetic

Magnificently energetic

Enthralling metal laminates that evoke vitality and strength

Molten lava moves with such compelling intensity and the Lava range has been crafted to illustrate its potency. Inspired by this awe-inspiring force of nature, the surface of this Structures’ range is glorious to touch too.

Tantalising Textures

ARevel in a grand welcome every time you step into your bedroom with a feature wall of Rose Lava. The tactile surface is incredibly characterful while the gorgeous hue gives the space a rich ambience.

Look up and be amazed

Impress guests with a ceiling adorned with Reflective Silver Lava metal. The way light bounces off its finish is truly spectacular and the shimmering hue adds to the grandeur of the lobby.

Explore the Brushed series and its diverse range of brushed metal laminates for those who truly appreciate refined elegance as well as adore the lustrous quality of metals.