Reflective – Marvel at Reflections

Marvel at Reflections

Beautiful metal laminates with a captivating mirror-like effect

With its super reflective surface, this captivating series enhances interiors by creating contrast that shines! Reflective laminates complement lighting to enliven any space.

Captivate clientele

Capture the attention of customers, even from afar, by embellishing archways and doorways with Reflective laminates. Let their eyes lead the way and draw them into your retail paradise as the sparkling light captures their attention

Impress with the illusion of space

Adorn a wall with eye-catching Reflective laminates and you instantly add alluring contrast and an illusion of spaciousness to any living room. The mirror-like effect and exquisite reflections are absolutely stunning too!


Maintenance of the reflective laminates

We highly recommend using a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using abrasive liquid cleaners, bleaching compounds or solvent-based solutions as these will damage the laminate surface.

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Explore the Reflective series and discover why it is perfect for those seeking to add a dash of dazzle or a touch of tasteful splendour to any space.