Brushed – Refined and Sophisticated

Refined and Sophisticated

Enchanting metal laminates with an elegant, brushed finish

An extensive series with a unique brushed finish that commingles with light for a soothingly subtle radiance. Shimmering light dancing off these Brushed laminates create depth and character.

Luxurious lobby

Admire how the lighting interplays with the walls and staircase to create a grand space that is very inviting. As the rays refract off the surfaces, you cannot help but be captivated by the spectacle before your very eyes.

Upscale kitchen

Applied creatively in vertical strips, the dispersal of light creates stunning visual highlights. Revel in how a simply furnished, utilitarian space can be made to look significantly more distinctive and elegant.
Refined yet superior
With the Resist laminate range, you can enjoy the brushed surfaces that are enhanced with scratch resistance. Click here to see the available colours.

Explore the Brushed series and its diverse range of brushed metal laminates for those who truly appreciate refined elegance as well as adore the lustrous quality of metals.