Structures – Distinct Tactility

Distinct Tactility

Real metal laminates with exceptional textures

Imbued with a tactile 3D finish, this series boasts a myriad of textures that uplifts the look and feel of a room.

The Structures series is designed to evoke character and sophistication in spaces. Create unforgettable interior experiences with these unique tactile surfaces.

Toast to restful nights

Switch up the look of a headboard with Champagne Verti. Crafted with eye-catching vertical lines and a subtle sheen, this real metal laminate celebrates a luxurious finish.

Elevate journeys, everywhere you go

Uplift as you move upwards. Journeys in this elevator are livelier with the elegant Silver Verti laminate. Its unique tactile surface instantly transforms areas to look impressive.

Comprising an exhaustive array of tactile and distinct textures, the Structures series is ideal for those who desire depth and sophistication in interior spaces. Click to view its spectacular textures and available colours.