Projects featuring Dekodur Distil

Retail & Commercial Space

Central World 1_shopping mall
Central World Atrium 1

Central World Zone Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand

In this popular and renowned mall, Dekodur Distil Rose (AL202B) and Silver (AL801B) Brush finish were used extensively throughout the plaza area as pillar decorative wrap.

_0005036_lower res
Dept Store Zen_Central world 2_lower res
_0005072_lower res

Zen@ Central World, Bangkok, Thailand

As key accent material – Dekodur Distil Reflective Gold (AL405B-MR) and Reflective Silver (AL804B-MR) . The designers found the high reflective finish as cost-efficient alternative and easy to use. 


_0005099_lower res
_0005139_lower res
Reflective_Showroom Niech Pride 1_lower res

Niech Pride, Bangkok, Thailand

Used extensively in this premium showroom, key areas of furnishing include the ceiling and various carpentry furniture – Dekodur Distil Reflective Rose (AL204B-MR) and Rose Brushed (AL202B)

merchandise corner 2
merchandise corner

Leading automotive showroom, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To portray its positioning as a leader in Asian luxury automotive brands  – Dekodur Distil Copper Net (CU104N) was chosen as the main vertical application in the showroom refresh. 


_0004865_lower res
Magnetic Boards_RISC Office 1_lower res
White Gloss _RISC Office 2

Leading innovative office, Bangkok, Thailand

A commercial space focused on innovation and idea creation,  Dekodur Distil Magnetic and Writeable collection was the ideal vertical surface material.  Matt Black Magnetic (EC102M-MH) and Gloss White Magnetic (EC901H-MH) became the perfect canvas for discussions at meeting rooms and information sharing at public areas.

deko+ White Tables and Magnetic White Boards - Maquarie University
deko+ Light Grey MT03 Reception Counter - Maquarie University 1
deko+ MT05 Black Work-station
deko+ Light Grey desks and cladding

Office furnishings with Magic Touch

Design by a leading interior design firm, the designers fell in love with Dekodur Distil Magic Touch. Magic Touch Bianco (MT901M) , Magic Touch Nero (MT102M) and Magic Touch Alabaster (MT806M) were used throughout the office furnishings. 



New Hospitality Concept, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

An exciting hospitality concept, Dekodur Distil’s Copper Fall  (CU301A) became the perfect complement to this unique hospitality concept. The unique sheets were used on pillar wraps, bar counters and various decorative furnishings.

Kome Bar @ Chijmes 2 - EC901M-MH
Kome Bar @ Chijmes 5 - EC901M-MH

Chic Japanese Restaurant, Singapore

Utilizing the Dekodur Distil’s Rose Wave finish (AL202W), this chic restaurant made use of the textured finish to create a modern and classy dining environment.