Dekodur Distil

Dekodur Distil is the high-pressure metal laminate (HPML) of choice for many architects and interior designers seeking to embellish their residential and commercial projects with a dash of classy elegance and stylish refinement.


Established in 2017, Dekodur Distil metal laminates hail from Dekodur, a world leader in laminate technology with over 150 years of experience.

Throughout its history, Dekodur has accomplished many groundbreaking innovations and products, many of which are world’s firsts:

-First HPL with decorative real metal surface in 1959
-First CO2-neutral laminate (ECO-HPL)
-Non-combustible composite laminate (deko FireSafe)



The deko FireSafe solution is offered for many laminate designs. Essentially, a decorative HPL with deko FireSafe is classified, certified and patented as non-flammable. Highly recommended for the cladding of escape and rescue routes, stairways, electronic ducts, inspection shafts and other key areas in public facilities such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals and museums. (DIN EN 13501-1, A2-s1-d0, Patent No. 10 2014 116 984)


The world’s first CO2 neutral laminate, free from formaldehyde and phenol. The core of every sheet is manufactured from 100% biological secondary components obtained from renewable resources and is fully recyclable. Analysed and certified by the development and test laboratory for wood technology at Dresden, Germany, these laminates have a formaldehyde emission of < 0,002 ppm acc. (DIN EN 16516 1-2018) Many laminate designs can be produced as ECO-HPL.


A magnetic surface affords a variety of uses and applications. To achieve the optimum performance of the magnetic feature, a laminate sheet is embedded with a special metal core. When used with good quality magnets, the strength of attraction is high. The innovative magnetic feature can be added to many laminate designs through the use of the Raw Magnetic laminate.

*Laminates with the above-mentioned features can be ordered on an indent basis.
Do note that additional costs apply to DEKO FIRE-SAFE and ECO-HPL.


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