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Anti ghosting

A new and unique feature for Dekodur Distil, anti-ghosting ensures that all whiteboard writings are easily cleaned without leaving track marks. Appropriate white-board markers and cleaning method is essential to the maintenance of the surface.

Available colours : EC102, EC901


This special laminate range is made from decorative paper or selected metal film with a magnetic core layer impregnated with phenolic resin. Starting with 7 different designs, explore the endless opportunities with the magnetic feature.
Almost all Flux designs (exception of copper art) can be added with the magnetic feature based on an indent order basis.

Products: Magnetic series


A truly unique piece of laminate, the paintable option provides the opportunity to combine magnetic functionality with the choice of any paint colour, customized print, vinyl sticker or various similar applications.

Products: Raw Magnetic (EC 306B-MH)


This special laminate range is designed so that you can jot down reminders, brainstorm via mindmaps and encourage your child’s creativity, while making cleaning easy with a melamine sponge

Products: Writeable Magnetic series

Scratch Resistant

Specially formulated for heavy usage areas such as table-tops. Scratch resistant are coated with a special surface protection and is able to withstand up to 1.2 N of force as compared to 0.5 N for standard grade metal laminates.
Magic Touch laminates are scratch resistance to level 2 (≥ 3 Newton) based on EN 438/3.

Products: Resist series, Magic Touch series

Fingerprint resistant

Perfect for locations with high touch usage, suitable for vertical and horizontal application.
Magic Touch laminates are anti-fingerprint and perfectly matt.

Products: Magic Touch series


Complete with a supermatt finish, ideal to project presentations, pictures and even videos.

Products: EC 901M-MH

Limited stock

These are limited stock and would be sold whilst stock last. Do contact us for stock availability if you intend to specify for large orders.

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