4 Focal Points

Fascinating Focal Points

Fulfil your desire for a stunning space with FLUX 3 genuine metal laminates.

What do you instantly see when you enter a room for the first time?

Every place needs points of focus, highlights, or features that our eyes will instantly fixate on.

We show you how you can achieve this, in myriad of ways, with the latest collection of FLUX 3 genuine metal laminates.

Focal point 1: Look Up

Look up and be mesmerised. A ceiling adorned with the right accoutrements will add visual impact and character to an often overlooked area in a space.

Wander into wonder and surprise!

The clever use of Reflective Silver metal laminates on the circular ceiling feature adds even more pizzazz to the kaleidoscope of colours in this restaurant. You will be captivated by its mirror-like gleam the second you step in!

So elegantly juxtaposed.

Inspired by the characterful texture of volcanic lava, Rose Lava metal laminates on the ceiling beams and pillars of the lobby are charmingly complemented by the clear sky and lush, tall trees which can be seen from the skylights.The lobby’s soft lighting also highlights the laminate’s unique surface to keep you enraptured.

Focal point 2: Glance Around

The walls are one of the first things you notice when you enter a space. Hence, it is a wonderful canvas to express your personality or a style you embrace.

Cinematic Experiences

The swoopy, raised lines and rich colour of Chardonnay Wave complement the sensously curved wall to luxuriously uplift the ambience of this home movie theatre.The profile of the wall mimics sound waves makes it an even more eye-catching feature.

Extraordinary Contours

Entertain with a dash of extroversion in a space with creatively designed walls that capture the most vivid of imaginations. When applied with stunning Silver and Steel Brushed metal laminates, every bespoke panel exudes a sense of mystery that draws people in. It is like navigating through a labyrinth!

Focal point 3: Get Upclose

Compliments to the complements. An item which serves a purpose, usually functional, won’t usually come to mind when you desire visual impact in a space.

Stunning Shelves

The vertical panels of this shelving unit pique curiosity and draw stares with their angled design and myriad heights. When embellished with a mesmerising duo of Crater metal laminates, the entire structure becomes almost sculpture-like. Such a splendid place to display your photos, souvenirs, books and other precious memorabilia.

Make Your Grand Entrance

A door may be rudimentary but when decked with strips of Chardonnay Brushed metal laminates, it becomes a luxurious backdrop for photos and elegant Instagrammable shots. Illuminated by soft, warm lights and juxtaposed against the darker colours of the hallway, the subtle gold finish of the laminate emits an inviting glow that is nothing short of pure elegance.

Focal point 4: Eyes Below

Revel in beauty with every step you take. Dressing up floors may not be for everyone but when it is done right, you have an instant design statement that’s impossible to miss.

A Sea Of Wonderment

The centrepiece of this expansive room mimics a water body which has been applied with Reflective Silver Lava laminates. Look at how the diffused rays from the light globes delicately refract off the laminate’s characterful surface. Taking a walk around the feature is akin to indulging in a stroll beside a spectacle inspired by the wonders of nature.

Runway to Refreshment

The clientele to this lounge will be led naturally, along the neatly lined bands of richly-hued Rose Mill laminates to the main bar area. Juxtaposed against the darker flooring and counter panels while also exquisitely enhanced by the cabinets’ golden glow, you feel compelled to saunter right up and order your favourite tipple.

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