Taking Shape

Taking Shape

Mix shapes and genuine metal laminates from the FLUX 3 collection to make your spaces come alive.

Shapes are everywhere. We admire them singularly or they catch our attention when they commingle. Often, we also find ourselves visualising how they move, interact, and connect. Discover how they can be used with myriad metal laminates to create luxuriously beautiful interior spaces.

Smoothing out the edges.

Look at how the rounded corners of the rectangular ceiling feature soften this expansive installation. Together with the diffused lighting and gleaming rose gold laminate, they imbue the beauty parlour with such an exquisite ambience!

Mesmerising triangles

This upscale retail space, with Reflective Rose Lava metal laminate on the ceiling, features the key contours of the pyramid. Inspired by its Egyptian counterpart, it also showcases treasures, but of the haute couture kind.

Apex of photography

With the triangle as the main focal shape, the design of this stylish photo studio is full of angular lines and apexes, giving it a sense of dynamism while exuding energy. The application of Vegas Verti on the walls and ceiling adds such sophistication to the space.

Stylish sextets.

Formed by six sides of same lengths, the hexagon symbolises harmony. Cleverly incorporated into the characterful domed roof and bespoke shelves, this dining room doubles up as a whisky and wine cellar, it is the ideal setting for a cosy meal with fine wine.

Shimmering waves.

Wavy lines and swoopy shapes take pride of place on the walls of this cheerful yet elegant café. A pleasant mix of natural rays and soft lighting reflect off the Rose-hued metal laminates thus setting the mood for a truly enjoyable tea time experience.

Arches of energy.

In architecture, the recognisable arch is revered as a structure with deep resonance, and symbolises strength and stability. In this study, its repeated shapes as storage units are made even more eye-catching with these elegant Silver Brushed genuine metal laminates.

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