Lavish. Understated. Practical

Lavish. Understated. Practical

3 different styles with Dekodur Distil’s FLUX collection

Which best describes you when it comes to interior design? Read more as we showcase how our genuine metal laminates can be used to realise this trio of definitive styles for spaces.


It means being extravagant, even a little showy – but with an emphasis on great taste. Achieve interiors that exude lavishness with sensational genuine metal laminates from the new FLUX 3 collection.

Raise a glass to an exclusive cellar-bration

Time ebbs away as you sip your favourite tipple under the curved ceiling of your private basement cellar adorned with Reflective Rose Aqua. The rich hue and characterful pattern of the metal laminate complement the furnishings to ooze classiness.

Luxurious palates and palette

Carefully placed lighting brings out the glowy plushness of the Rose Brushed metal laminates which have been applied in vertical strips to add even more character to this luxe kitchen.Savour the poshest dining experience right at home!


Embraced by those who appreciate that luxurious design doesn’t need to be overly flashy, the Understated style is for the connoisseur who appreciates the beauty in subtle refinement.

Elegant Reflections

Look at how the Reflective Steel laminates adorn the wall and curve towards the ceiling of this living room. The way the light reflects off the surface adds lustrous depth while tastefully illuminating the space. Unmistakably luxurious yet with such subtlety.

Sophisticated Study

The concealed lights at the back of this study room delicately irradiate the unique indentations of the wall of Chardonnay Crater laminates. The laminate’s lovely light golden hue contrasts against the dark hued cabinets to endow this private space with an upscale feel that’s classy and tasteful.


Being practical is a virtue. In the world of interior design, it is about injecting functionality and usefulness in a space while ensuring that the desired look and style is retained.

Optimal homebased work or learning

A wall adorned with these highly functional laminates is extremely versatile. Solve Maths equations, jot down meeting notes, attached timetables with magnets, devise project timelines and much, much more!

Decorate and change to your liking

This ‘transformable’ wall is the pride of the minimalist living room, thanks to Raw Magnetic laminates. This innovative laminate enables myriad surface materials to be applied on it, such as Steel Brushed laminate which has been used here.

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