Aqua – Flowy and Sensuous

Flowy and Sensuous

Enchanting metal laminates that will enliven your senses

Akin to the ever-moving surface of a serene river that calmly swirls and swells, the Aqua range from the Structures series is accentuated by its surface that mimics water’s inherent fluidity and liveliness.

Plush Pods

Create a more exclusive dining area by elevating it above the main section. Then, to complete the mood and uplift the overall feel of the restaurant, adorn the roofs of the private seating capsules with sparkling Reflective Silver Aqua.

Sip and Savour

The arch of this haven for wine connoisseurs’ is embellished with Reflective Rose Aqua to allude to the richness of the space. The golden hue and textured surface glow with such soft elegance that it leaves you mesmerised.

Explore the beauty and vitality of Aqua metal laminates and how the essence of flowing water can be imbued into spaces.