Crater – Characterful Contours

Characterful Contours

Attention-grabbing metal laminates with an exceptional pattern

Influenced by the moon’s fascinating surface, the Crater range from the Structures series is unparalleled. Wonderfully tactile surfaces filled with odd-shaped indentations pique curiosity and draw admiring stares.

Sumptuous surfaces

This spa has received a luxurious boost thanks to the clever application of myriad designs of Crater laminates on the walls. In the midst of pampering and indulgement, guests will marvel at its unique patterns.

Focal point and focus

With a back wall featuring gleaming Chardonnay Crater in the centre, juxtaposed with darker surfaces on either side, this study room is ideal for work and study as well as a showpiece space in your home.

Explore how Crater metal laminates can transform any vertical surface into one which imbues distinctiveness and initiates endless conversations.