Care Instructions for FLUX

1. Cleaning recommendations (non-magnetic range)

Cleaning the surface of a Dekodur sheet is best carried out using a clean cloth, or a soft sponge using soap and plenty of water or a glass cleaner. Abrasive cleaners, acids, or alkalise should never be used.

2. Cleaning of Dekodur Distil Writeable Magnetic Range

As the surface of the MATT version has a higher porosity than that of the high-gloss version, residue-free cleaning cannot always be achieved when removing the markings in dry condition.  Residue-free cleaning of the Dekodur Distil boards cannot be guaranteed, since we have no influence on the quality of the markers used.  Recommended markers include ZIG Illumigraph markers suitable for chalkboard.  Therefore, we recommend testing the various markers before use or to make a general cleaning from time to time.
Melamine sponges, Harnipex Hraniclean 01 in connection with the Sito Power Clean dirt eraser or the Meister Proper Express dirt eraser has proven to be effective for the general cleaning of Dekodur Distil boards.

3. Storage recommendations

Dekodur sheets should be stored in a closed room with a temperature of 18-25°C and 50-60% relative humidity. Ideally, they have to be stored horizontally with an allowance off the ground.

The sheets

  • are to be protected from moisture
  • should not be exposed to direct sunlight over an extended period
  • should not be stored in a warm-air-stream over an extended period

Should horizontal storage not be possible, a skew of 80° with the surface being entirely supported by a fully covering back-support, is recommended.

Application & Processing

Dekodur laminates are intended for use as decorative vertical surfaces in interior application, also for surfaces which are not exposed to heavy wear.

Typical applications are: Wall cladding, ceiling cladding, home furniture, hotel and restaurant furniture, fronts of drawers, signs for shops and firms, shelve cladding, counters and displays in shops, surfacing for doors and doorframes, shipbuilding and coach fittings etc.
For surfaces exposed to heavy wear, it is recommended that the surface of the dekodur laminate be protected by a sheet of glass or similar material.

All Dekodur laminates can be sawed, routed, and drilled using carbidee tipped tools. All circular saw blades with a sufficiently high number of teeth and a trapezoidal/trapezoidal saw tooth pattern are suitable.

When cutting the boards, pay attention to optimum flatness. If required, use weights while cutting to avoid tears.

Due to the metal core layer for the Magnetic range, flying sparks may be produced during processing. Corresponding safety precautions must be taken.

Usage of Dekodur Distil Writeable Magnetic Boards

Before the first use, general cleaning is indispensable after having removed the protective film from all surfaces. Any adhesive residues of the protective film are thus removed!  Commercially available glass cleaner is first applied and then removed using a soft cloth.  Depending on the respective application, it is possible to write on the Dekodur Distil Writeable surface after it has been wiped dry.

Whiteboard marker pens can be used to write on the surface of the Dekodur Distil high-gloss version. Anything written with suitable “Dry Safe” board marker pens can be removed in dry condition without leaving traces.

Chalk markers can be used to write on the surface of the Dekodur Distil matt version.  Apart from that, it can also be used as projection surface for projectors or beamers.  We recommend using liquid chalk markers or liquid chalk pens for writing.  Other marker pens or liquid chalk pens with higher or coarse chalk content can cause irreversible surface damages.

Recommended markers include: ZIG Illumigraph markers suitable for chalkboard


Caution to be taken when bonding dekodur in surface presses.

  • Maximum temperature 60°C
  • Press pressure 0.15 – 0.20 N/mm² (1.5 – 2.0 bar)
  • Soft cushioning between laminate surface and Press plates.

All standard commercial glues which can be used for bonding standard high pressure laminates can be used.

Glue types:

  • dispersion glues (PVA)
  • condensation resin glues (Urea resin)
  • contact glues
  • 2 component glues
  • hot melt glues

When PU glues are used, great care must be taken that glue residues are completely removed from the surface before they harden.

For contact glues, sufficient application is required on both surfaces to be bonded. Both surfaces need to be adequately dried before being pressed together.

Close adherence to each glue manufacturer’s instructions is necessary to ensure proper precautions and installation.

With compound elements, a symmetric construction is necessary. This is obtained using a balancing sheet which must be bonded to the reverse side. A flat element can be obtained by using a sheet of the same type in 2nd quality or a balancing sheet using the same or similar laminate.



A new and unique feature for Dekodur Distil, anti-ghosting ensures that all whiteboard writings are easily cleaned without leaving track marks. Appropriate white-board markers and cleaning method is essential to the maintenance of the surface.

Products: Available colours : EC102, EC901 

View in Large Piece

To fully appreciate the beauty of each laminate in the Copper Art series, we recommend to view in large sheet image. This special collection is hand-coloured by artists making every sheet unique, with slight variations of shine from raw copper. Each sheet might be similar but never identical.

Products: Copper Art series – CU104N, CU104V, CU104R, CU301A, CA303U, CA304U, CA305U, CA302U

Magnetic Range

This special laminate range is made from decorative paper or selected metal film with a magnetic core layer impregnated with phenolic resin. Starting with 7 different designs, explore the endless opportunities with the magnetic feature.

Almost all Flux designs (exception of copper art) can be added with the magnetic feature based on an indent order basis.

Products: EC502M-MH, EC102H-MH, AL803B-MH-SR, EC306B-MH, EC901M-MH, EC102M-MH, EC901H-MH


A truly unique piece of laminate, the paintable option provides the opportunity to combine magnetic functionality with the choice of any paint colour, customized print, vinyl sticker or various similar applications.

Products: EC306B-MH

Limited Stock

This are limited stock and would be sold whilst stock last. Do contact us for stock availability if you intend to specify for large orders.

Products: AL101D, AL101V, AL101W, AL402D, AL402N, AL402V, AL402W, AL601B, AL801D, AL801N, AL801V, AL801W, AL803B-MH-SR

Scratch Resistant

Specially formulated for heavy usage areas such as table-tops. Scratch resistant are coated with a special surface protection and is able to withstand up to 1.2 N of force as compared to 0.5 N for standard grade metal laminates.

Magic Touch laminates are scratch resistance to level 2 (≥ 3 Newton) based on EN 438/3.

Products: AL803B-SR, AL801B-SR

MT102M, MT205, MT406M, MT602M, MT806M, MT807M, MT901M,



Perfect for locations with high touch usage, suitable for vertical and horizontal applications.

Magic Touch laminates are anti-fingerprint and perfectly matt.

Products: MT102M, MT205, MT406M, MT602M, MT806M, MT807M, MT901M,



Class ‘0’ Fire Rated Material

High Pressure Laminates (HPL) from the Dekodur® factory complies with the Fire Protection requirements set by Marine Equipment Directive (MED), and is certified by DNV and RINA as a low flame spread surface material that does not generate excessive smoke nor toxic products in fire; a preferred material for marine applications.
The standard quality is classified as B2-B1 when tested according to DIN4102 and also fulfils the requirements of IMO FTC

Download Lloyd’s Register Certificate

FSC Chain Of Custody Certification

Laminates from the Dekodur® factory that produces High Pressure Laminates (Standard Grade, Post-forming Grade, Compact® Grade), Dekodur® Low Pressure Laminates and Dekodur® DecoMetal® are certified under FSC Mix Credit and FSC Controlled Wood for Dekodur Asia.

Download FSC Chain of Custody certificate