Writeable Magnetic – Enjoyable Communication

Writeable and Magnetic

Innovative laminates for work and fun

With these innovative and German-engineered laminates from the FLUX portfolio,
communication has never been more enjoyable!
Magnetic and customisable
With the Raw Magnetic series, personalise it by painting it your desired colour or adorning its surface with your preferred interior material,
like your favourite laminate design.

Kids and Kitchen

Jot down the scrumptious items of the menu on the laminated wall as you prep and cook. Let the family, especially your little ones, express themselves creatively as they happily draw, sketch and doodle to their hearts’ content while waiting for dinner to be ready!

Keep ideas flowing

Initiate participation and encourage ideation within the team by offering writeable magnetic walls that are easy to maintain. Everyone can brainstorm and contribute to the pool of suggestions and solutions by writing their opinions and ideas for all to see.

Work and study at home

With the new norm of working from home and home-based learning, convert your room into a conducive work-study space with a wall that is writeable and magnetic. Children can pen down Science notes and Math answers while you can record deadlines and reminders.
Laminates that “communicate”
You can write down reminders, draw out mind maps, encourage creativity, and even project a movie onto these laminates. Thanks to its special embedded core, you can attach anything on the magnetic laminates, such as name cards, bills, receipts, and even love notes.
Properties of the writeable magnetic laminates
*Applicable to certain laminates. Contact us to know more.

Maintenance of the writeable magnetic laminates
For our Matt laminates, we recommend using chalkboard markers for best writing performance. Hence, for cleaning, melamine sponges offer the best results. If there are stubborn stains, use a damp melamine sponge. Recommended markers include ZIG Illumigraph markers suitable for chalkboard. Therefore, we recommend testing the various markers before use or to make a general cleaning from time to time.

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Awarded by Green Label Singapore
These Magnetic laminates have been certified the Singapore Green Label by the Singapore Environment Council as an Environmentally Preferred Surface Covering. Click here for more information.

The Writeable Magnetic series encourages creativity while facilitating efficient communication at home and work. Discover the variety of colours and assorted features now.